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Demuth knife grinder is the ideal machine for grinding industrial knives, whose edge angles varies from 0 to 90 degrees. The table tilts directly with excellent precision. The knives can be set through mechanical clamps or, optionally, through a magnetic chuck.


The vertical displacement of the grinding head is automatically or manually set within prismatic guides with an adjusting scale. A gear-motor and chains perform the head displacement, with smooth direction change and low maintenance costs.

The wheel cup grinding stone can be replaced by a segmented head, which provides a more effective material removal, for higher output needs.

The cooling system, incorporated to the grinding head, follows the movements, as the cooling liquid tank has many stages in order to sediment impurities, avoiding their recirculation.


Optionally, the machine can be supplied with a magnetic particle separator, which results in better performance, better knife finishing and lower grinding stone consumption. Fabricated with steel trestlework frame and tension relieved, features a hardened steel blade, easily interchangeable on the sliding bar, which avoids premature wearing. Manufactured in a modular project, the machine can be supplied with grinding lengths from 1.500 to 5.000 mm (in 500 mm modules).

Special devices are supplied according to client specific needs, aiming productivity increase

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