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DEMUTH roller debarker has a sturdy frame made of structural steel, totally welded and dimensioned for heavy duty service. The mono-block and module assembling concepts allow a fast configuration for different production levels and specific process characteristics. Each debarking module comprises three reinforced roller rotors produced with industrial pipes, sturdy shaft ends and special over dimensioned bearing housing system. 


The roller rotors are provided with replaceable debarking abraders, produced with material that presents high resistance wearing characteristics. Debarking operation is made by a combination between own processing log friction and  debarking tool actions, which take the bark off, while transporting the material among the debarker.

The rotors driving is individually done by a gear motor set that allows the debarking conditions adjustment through the rotor rotation variation, done by frequency converter. The log retention time inside the debarker can be controlled as well, by the unloading gate. The unloading gate opening and closing movement is done by a gearing system with chain transmission, driven by gear motor.

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