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Demuth Machines started operations on June 1st, 1981 and, nowadays, the company is one of the main equipment suppliers for the wood handling to the pulp industry. Demuth technology has been used at important countries such as: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The Company counts on a working staff that comprises a group of 500 employees and its Industrial operations are made at two own installations, being the first one in  a 10.000 square meter building located in Novo Hamburgo city and, the second and recent one,  in a 33.000 square meter area in Portão city.

Demuth is currently developing and attending many projects, as the Company stands a traditional position in the pulp segment. This position is the result of quality application and reliability in the production and delivery of a great product line, using experienced professional and updated technology.

Unidade Portão

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