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The DPC drum chipper is a patented machine, specially developed for the processing of fibrous barks, as well as logs and wood chips that are normally mixed with this material. It is differentiated mainly by its innovative construction characteristics, which allow the absorption and crushing of large irregular volumes of material, with high efficiency and productivity. The equipment does not offer any obstacle to the entry of materials to be processed, having a large compacting roller that guarantees a continuous operation and complete directing of the material to the crushing system.


For machines with motors larger than 150 kW, a motor base is supplied together with a drive pulley, support bearings and elastic couplings for an efficient power transmission.


Lower rolls, manufactured with interchangeable system segment, guarantee easy of maintenance and quick change of worn parts.
A large dimensioned upper compacting roll with replaceable teeth.
Provides a positive big volume material absorption together with an excellent tractioning performance.


Robust and suitable for each type of material, ensures the desired size chipped material.


Power transmission between traction rolls is accomplished through gears and chains. Sprockets are fastened by taper lock sleeves for easy assembly and disassembly.


Several items guarantee equipment safe operation:
- Mechanical devices for hoods, bearings, rotor and counter-knife locking.
- Electrical sensors to avoid involuntary start of the machine.
- Hydraulic sensors for valves to immediately block in case of a hose breakage.
- Sign plates.


Hydraulically actived, enables the rotor to reach a complete stop in 30 seconds, reducing considerably the time for knife changes as well as an additional safety feature in case of an emergency shut down.


Sturdy and properly selected for each material type. Guarantees the desired size chipped material.


Fastened to the main machine frame, guarantee more stability during the re-chipping process.


Extremely sturdy and designed to minimize superficial wear. Dynamically balanced and fixed to the shaft through an expanding ring system. Over dimensioned clamps and bolts guarantee the knives stability. Replaceable wear plates increase the rotor life and bring the rotor back to original conditions ensuring the correct contact surface for the knife, assuring the machine safety and high performance.

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