DEMUTH Log Splitter was idealized to make good use of big dimension logs that present handling difficulties, in order to be processed for final use. The equipment is basically manufactured in two models (with mobile or stationary centralizing table), totally dispensing the use of wedges, hammers or ribbon saw.
The simple conception constructive characteristics result in easy operation.
A hydraulic system with two stages allows higher piston speed at the piston advancing return, with consequently power increase for the cutting operation.
Projected and manufactured as an accessory equipment for wood chippers, makes possible the use of any smaller capacity chippers, generating the total use of available raw material.


Optionally, for extremely hard and with interlaced fiber logs, the equipment can be equipped with and intensifying pushing power system that considerably increases the cutting power during a small time period, enough to split these log type. Hydraulic commands are locally or distantly located.


Manufactured for different wood types and diameters basically has two versions:
DRT- DRT 3/12 e DRTC- DRTC 6/25-6
The DRTC model has an interchangeable wedge 2, 3 or 4 blades, splitting the log in 4,6 or 9 shares respectively. The centralization of logs against the wedge is done through a table with hydraulic lifting.
The discharge of logs split on all models gives up the side of the wedge and can be on the ground or directly on the feed belt of a chipper.



"To offer products with solutions for the transformation of wood and mechanical constructions according to applicable requirements and, through the continuous improvement of its processes, to meet the needs and expectations of customers and other interested parties."


"Solutions for Wood Transformation and Mechanical Constructions."


"Offering the best solutions in wood processing and mechanical constructions."


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